Best Mobile Sportsbooks

Getting the best odds on an event comes is important to most players, which is why betting on the go is of key importance. We have found some of the best mobile sportsbooks are out there to help players wager on these games. The increasing technology powering mobile devices, be it tablets or smartphones, coupled with the fact that an online sportsbook uses ten year old technology, effectively makes it so players can join in on the fun directly by visiting the site of a sportsbook directly from a phone. We have tested out a great number of betting sites and come recommend several to our readers.

How Mobile Sports Betting Works

When it comes to mobile betting, it is not entirely uncommon to find that some sites have actually built mobile websites, websites that will redirect you to these immediately if you are connecting from your mobile, be it a tablet or a smartphone. With these options you will not have to visit a special site. Some mobile devices will not immediately redirect, so you may have to actually go directly to the mobile site. Whatever the case may be, we will provide you with all of the information necessary in order to play from your device without any complications.

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The iPhone sportsbooks and iPad sportsbooks are among the most common. Since the iPhone and the iPad control a large percentage of the mobile market share, it is no surprise that these devices generally automatically redirect to the mobile version of the site. Most mobile sports betting sites are also laid out as if they are an app on the iPad, so you can have a very similar experience running these games as you would through a standard application.

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Some Blackberry users, particularly those on the Torch and the other high end devices, can be used in conjunction with a few sportsbooks. The Blackberry sportsbooks are few and far between, though there are some gambling sites have optimized their service for use on Blackberry OS. Either way, you should be able to get your bets in.

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Android sportsbooks are also fairly common, as there are a number of sportsbooks that function with most android browsers. In spite of the fragmentation of the operating system, as well as the wide number of versions of the Android OS currently scattered about the various devices, the mobile sportsbooks can function very well through these sites. If you own an Android, you should have no trouble gambling on your device.

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The WebOS may have slipped in it's market share, but the browser is so advanced that nearly any sportsbook that doesn't use Flash can be used on the older WebOS phones, while upcoming WebOS phones and tablets can make use of even Flash based sportsbooks. The WebOS sportsbooks are therefore many and various.

Top Mobile Sportsbooks

Visit Sportsbook
Bovada Sportsbook
20% up to $100 Bonus Available
5Dimes Sportsbook
50% up to $200 Bonus Available
BetOnline Sportsbook
25% To $900 Bonus Available


Bovada Sportsbook - 20% up to $100 Sign Up Bonus Available

We have found that Bovada has one of the most impressive mobile sites around. You will be able to hit all of the lines that they offer directly through your phone or tablet. They have optimized their mobile betting site to use basic HTML, offering some of the easiest possible betting. Bovada offers players a variety of betting lines, across many sports, making this one of the easiest sites to access. You will have to sign up directly through their main page, which is best done on your computer. Once this is said and done you can visit Bovada and begin gambling without any trouble, all in a very basic HTML based sportsbook. A 20% match to $100 can be collect on first signing up, which will let you test the waters without any problems. It is worthy to note that Bovada is open to USA players.


5Dimes Sportsbook - 50% up to $200 Sportsbook Bonus Available

5Dimes is another famous sportsbook that functions with mobile devices. 5Dimes offers their users some of the most impressive betting lines across a wide range of sports, offering players the ability to wager on professional sports from all over the world. A large set of odds can be found on every sport that they offer, which is why we put faith in 5Dimes above any other. With multiple deposit methods, including e-checks, MoneyLineWallet, credit cards and wire transfers, you can easily access their service, as well as the 50% match to $200. You have to open an account through your desktop, but you will be able to begin gambling on a mobile device way of the This sportsbook is also open to USA players.